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Has your family lost its spark for Learning? Are the joys of discovery and curiosity overshadowed by disengagement and frustration? It's time to reignite that passion and transform your family's learning adventure!

The Lights On® Spectrum Illuminates Your Path

Every individual's mental and emotional landscape is a spectrum, and understanding this spectrum is crucial to unlocking one's true potential.

- From moments of Darkness, where feelings of despair and negativity might cloud one's vision,
- Through shades of Dimness and Glimmer, where hope starts to pierce through,
- To the radiant realms of Glow, Brilliance, and Radiance, where the world is seen through lenses of optimism, passion, and profound gratitude.

Our Spectrum tool is designed to guide each individual through this journey, ensuring that every step, every challenge, and every triumph is recognized, celebrated, and built upon.

Discover the Transformative Power of our Lights On® Tracking Event

Unlock Your Inner Power: Join a journey like no other with our monthly  Lights On tracking event. This unique experience offers families a profound opportunity to explore and ascend through the gradients of the Lights On® Spectrum. It's more than just tracking your states; it's about understanding and harnessing the power within you and your family to dive deep into learning, well-being, and feeling fulfilled.
Real-Time Insights and Growth: Our event provides real-time insights into your family's emotional and mental landscapes. This enables you to identify patterns, embrace positive changes, and navigate obstacles with clarity and purpose. By documenting your daily journey through the spectrum, you'll gain invaluable understanding of what truly ignites your family's passion and potential.

Each month we will have:

  • Live Insight Session: Begin with a live training session with Julia Black, offering valuable insights and answering your burning questions to help you track your Lights On state. Put this in your calendar as you do not want to miss this!
  • Visioning: Get clarity around your vision so you know your direction of travel. We’re not talking about what you want in life but who you choose to be. This sets your internal compass. 
  • Two-Week Tracking: For two weeks, immerse yourself in daily communal tracking and reflection, using our innovative tools to stay conscious of your state of being.
  • Ongoing Support and Coaching: Throughout this period, Julia, a Master Neurocoach, will provide reflections, support, and guidance to enhance your tracking experience.
  • Final Analysis Event: Culminate your journey with a live session analysing the data collected, discovering patterns, and learning to harness the Lights On spectrum for continued growth.
  • Family Creative Jam: Cap off the event with an all-family Jam session. Get hands-on and creative, applying what you've learned in a collaborative project. It's a chance for your family to shine as conscious creators in the Lights On® Universe and celebrate with others around the globe!

What Awaits you in the Lights On® Universe?

Be Part of a Vibrant Monthly Membership!
Step into an elite circle - a community of passionate parents, all united with a singular purpose: to explore and express their unparalleled potential. Imagine the possibilities when you align with those who not only dream big but also act on it. Being a part of this community isn’t just about belonging; it's about fast-tracking your family's journey to unparalleled success.
Engage with Julia Black Directly!
Benefit from LIVE monthly virtual sessions, including exclusive Q&As, with the visionary behind Lights On® Learning, Julia Black. Dive deep into her insights, glean from her experiences, and let her guide your family's growth journey.
Video Lessons for Tangible Growth!  
Witness Julia Black as she meticulously breaks down the Lights On® Spectrum, enabling you to harness it as a potent tool that propels your family's potential into new horizons.
Master Your Skills with Sarah Nykoruk!  
Participate in our monthly LIVE group calls led by Master Neurocoach, Sarah Nykoruk. Equip yourself with the proficiency to coach your family, leveraging the unparalleled power of the Lights On tools.
Dive Deep with Our Micro-Course!  
Delve into essential components vital for accessing the Lights On® Spectrum - Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset, offering a detailed perspective, enriching your learning experience.
Immerse in the 30-Day Commit To Joy Programme with Corinne Williams!
This 30-day experience is designed to elevate you to the spectrum's higher gradients of Radiance, characterised by joy, peace and gratitude. This is all about embedding joy, wonder, and light into every facet of your life.
Lean on the Wisdom of Experienced Lights On® Families! 
Why navigate alone when you can stand on the shoulders of giants? Benefit from seasoned Lights On® families, who generously share their knowledge, providing you with invaluable support, guidance, and insights for your next steps.

At the heart of it all, our mission is clear: to see and celebrate the brilliance in everyone. We invite you with open arms... Step into the light with us!

Why the Lights On Universe?

Evolutionary System: Our Lights On Learning System is not just another educational tool. It's a transformative approach that breathes life back into learning, taking disengaged learners and reigniting their passion.

Parental Empowerment: We believe that parents are the bedrock of a child's learning experience. Our system empowers YOU, the parent, to become an inspirational leader, ensuring that learning at home becomes an engaging, vibrant, and fulfilling journey.

Mental Well-being: At the core of our universe is the Lights On Spectrum, a ground breaking mental well-being tool designed to unlock every individual's fullest potential. It's not just about academic success, but about nurturing a balanced, well-rounded individual ready to take on the world's challenges.

About our Founder

Julia Black, CEO, founder and creator of Lights On® , is a social entrepreneur to her core. She’s a mother to two teenagers, has a MA in International Relations, is a BAFTA and Grierson nominated documentary director and a certified Master Neurocoach. In 2010 she won the NCPTA Gold Star award for Changing the Life Of The School and ever since has been a passionate advocate for helping families see tangible evidence of their natural born talents. She believes parents have an important role in evolving our education system and our Lights On®  system makes it easy for them to transform their family from the inside-out.